Friday, January 16, 2009

A Break!

After a crazy couple of months, I finally get a break (I even worked through Christmas and New Year - I haven't had a day off in a LONG time). I get a 4 day weekend and I plan on spending it outside - luckily the weather is suppose to be great, yeah!! I have a hike planned for tomorrow with some friends, hopefully a bike ride Sunday or Monday and maybe throw some snowshoeing in there as well. Funny how a break for me now means being active - a 4 day weekend use to mean a chance to sit on the couch and catch up on my tv shows - what a difference 3 years makes!

Just for fun I'm posting this youtube video - I try to watch it every now and then, it just makes me smile. I actually talked to my gym manager about him letting me do something like this with some of the treadmills and figure out how the heck they did it. He just smiled, shook his head and walked away - I guess that meant no.

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