Thursday, November 27, 2008

A long overdue update

I just realized it's been almost a month since I posted - yikes! No excuse really, just been working more and have suddenly become the social butterfly. My calendar has been packed with time with friends & family, AFA basketball games, work and working out... enough to keep me very busy!

My running is coming along very nicely - the initial 2 weeks were tough but I'm up to running 2 miles fairly easily and should be ready for the Pikes Peak Road Runners Winter Series in January. It starts with a 5k, two weeks later will be a 4 mile race, then 2 weeks later a 5 mile race and the final race will be a 10k. It's a pretty quick turn around for preparing but I have remembered something the past month... I love to run! Part of it is the way my head clears up when I run - I forget everything in my day and as a result it's a great stress release. But what I really love is how I can see improvement each day. I love to feel like I am accomplishing something, moving forward, and I definitely feel that way when I run. (I definitely don't feel that on my bike!)

As for those goals I set last month, I've been sticking to them pretty well. I'm back to a rhythm in my workouts, my eating is much better and my asthma, well... it's a work in progress. I FINALLY have insurance so i will be able to afford my meds and that will help tremendously. But in the process I am learning to concentrate on my breathing and figuring out ways to take deeper breaths while I run. Not easy, but good practice for future races.

So it seems that, after my initial funk, I have adjusted to my non-traveling/non-racing schedule pretty well. I have a pretty busy December-February due to work, then I get to look forward to a return to Adventure Race camp in April, and then it's back to racing again in May. I have already seen 4 races I want to run in Colorado, one in New Mexico, and of course a 24 hour race in California with some adventure race friends who live out there (my first 24 hour race! CAN'T WAIT!). It seems like it's so far away, yet I know it will creep up pretty quickly.

that's it for now - hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!