Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Grand Obsession

It all started back in September when I was in Moab. I was there for an expedition adventure race and the team I was with convinced me that a great way to keep in touch (they all live in San Francisco) was through Facebook. I thought "great, a way to keep in touch with these wonderful new friends." So I joined and the next day left on the great adventure of a 4 day race.

After 4 days of traveling around the Moab wilderness and having little to no contact with the outside world, I returned to civilization to find a zillion facebook friend requests - A ZILLION I TELL YA!! Quite the shock to find that people outside of my little group of San Francisco friends had found me. How did that happen? And honestly, how did I get this many friends??!!

I now blame my San Fran friends for introducing me to this new obsession, which has taken over my entire life. I have found and been found by friends that I haven't seen since my primary school years, or college, or even my previous jobs. And I can't get enough of it... my thoughts are consumed with who has updated their status updates or what celebrity they are most like or who posted their 25 Random Things list and heaven forbid that I miss reading that list! It's exhausting and I blame my insomnia on this new and grand obsession.

In all my searching and posting and poking, I found this video. And I laughed, laughed at my own obsession and because I love to share funny stuff, I decided to share it here. Because sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.

And then there is Twitter... but I'll leave that obsession for another post. Besides, I haven't updated my status in over an hour - I have some work to do!