Sunday, November 14, 2010

a list, a list, a lovely list

In honor of one of my favorite blogs, (and because I'm feeling too lazy to actually write a coherent post) I'm going to write a "what's been happening to me lately" list. Here it goes...

1.  Sweet, sweet relief: Gertrude (aka my right hip) is doing much better since I got a cortisone shot. The best part... NO PAIN AT NIGHT!! I'm sleeping again, which is making Pam a happy (and less grumpy) gal.

2. I've been at my new job for 2 months and still love it! It's a perfect fit for me, I love the people, and I've been challenged in every way possible. I'm feeling pretty grateful for the opportunity.

3. And because of the new job, I'm moving to Denver in 3 weeks! I found a wonderful place to live that is close to work and close to just about every bike trail/park/lake that Denver has to offer. And the mountains! I'm just minutes away from some great snowshoeing, can't wait!

4. The disadvantage to moving? Leaving my bestie friend and mom (and all my other friends as well). I have a feeling most of my weekends will be spent in Colorado Springs, just not willing to miss out on spending time with any of them!

5. I get the week off between Christmas and New Year! Just a perk of working in higher ed. I haven't had Christmas or New Years off in over 14 years - I can't tell you how excited I am!

6. And most importantly, I am grateful for my amazing friends and family - thanks to all of you for your support and love and friendship.