Saturday, February 14, 2009

I heart San Diego

I got off the plane and immediately striped off my coat, threw on some flip flops and from then on, I was in love.

I've never been a summer person, my weight made any temperature above 70 a fairly miserable experience. But since I've lost the weight I have gained a great appreciation for the sun and warm temperatures that, unfortunately, are not happening in Colorado at this time. I wore flip flops in February!! How could you not love that?!

I spent the week working at a conference so my time outside was limited. But there was so much more to the week than just work and being in the warm sun:

- Spending time with my old and dear friend Kathy, who came as a volunteer - I can't remember the last time we got to spend this much time along together (it was probably way back in college!) but it was so nice to sit and chat about everyday stuff. I am one lucky gal to have such an amazing friend.

- Spending a glorious hour at the beach, where I got to walk barefoot in the sand, get soaking wet and flirt with a cute Italian.

- Meeting some kindred spirits in Joel and Kristen, a lovely couple that made me laugh and think, all at the same time. Those are the best kind of friends!

- Eating fresh fruit that actually tasted good! (that just isn't possible here in Colorado in the winter).

- Meeting and interviewing Phil Vischer (my creative hero)

The downside to this week? Having to come back to cold and snowy Colorado. Anyone know of a cheap, beach side property in San Diego that I could rent for a few months?