Thursday, July 24, 2008

The 12 Hour Adventure

This weekend is it - my very first 12 hour adventure race. My dreams have been filled with all sorts of images, mostly of me forgetting my map or bike or clothes (yikes!). I guess you could say I'm a little nervous.

Compared to my last race, I feel pretty prepared. I've been riding lots, with each ride at least +20 miles. I've followed the training schedule pretty well, so at least my conditioning is pretty good. Mentally I feel stronger, but I know that is my weak point. I keep echoing Jari's words "you're a bad ass!" just trying to convince myself that yes, I can do this. At this point, I am ready to get beyond the training and visualization and just get out there - at least the dreams will be gone!

To further complicate everything, I hurt my knee last weekend and have been dealing with some pretty good pain this week. It basically means I won't be running and going much slower (if that's even possible - I'm ALREADY slow!)

I have a few goals for the race.
  1. To run MY race - I tend to get caught up in all the craziness around me, push it too hard at the beginning and end up exhausted way too soon. I want to go at my own pace and disregard others.
  2. To finish in 12 hours - if this means I have to miss a few checkpoints, so be it. I just want to run a good race and make good decisions.
  3. To pay more attention to my eating/drinking - I don't want to get sick again!
  4. To get all the checkpoints on the orienteering course.

So, if you happen to be close to Summit County Saturday, drop on by the Frisco Nordic Center and you just might catch a glimpse of me hobbling along between transitions. I will eventually write up a report on my excursion, as long as my fingers are still functioning. Mom is coming and has already said she will take pics, so I even have an official photographer.

Let's just hope I am actually standing at the end of this day.

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