Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Typical Morning

Each morning I drag myself out of bed at 4:30 am and head to the gym. Since I've always been a night person, this is quite the accomplishment for me. I never thought I would be a morning person (just like I never thought I would run an adventure race!) but it has fit into this new life rather well.

Now let me make this clear, I am still not a morning person. Most mornings I hit my snooze button many, many times and then when I finally do get out of bed, it's in slow motion. I'll give you a little peak into what goes on in my odd brain when the alarm goes off on my spinning class days (Monday and Wednesday):

4:30 am: alarm goes off - I hit the snooze button and happily doze off again

4:39: alarm goes off again - I hit the snooze button again and think "I really need to get up" - it doesn't work

4:48: alarm goes off a 3rd time. This is usually when I actually crawl out of bed, all the while thinking "do I really need to work out today?"

4:52: I get over my reluctance to head to the gym, grab a bottle of water and my many morning vitamins, turn on the tv and crawl back into bed - I proceed to drink my water and take my vitamins, all the while thinking "do I really need to work out today?"

5:05: I finish chewing, swallowing and drinking and realize if I don't hurry I will be late to class! I rush to get dressed and collect everything that I need: a towel, my ipod, a bottle of water and ID. I think to myself "why am I always late?" and of course "do I really need to work out today?"

5:20: I grab my peanut butter pudding from the fridge and run out the door, knowing I am going to be late. If it's Monday, I usually end up speeding a little faster since my instructor turns out ALL the lights at exactly 5:30 - have you ever tried to adjust a spinning bike in the dark? Not easy.

5:24: I eat my PB Pudding while driving to the gym - eating pudding while driving can be rather daunting but I'm getting pretty good at multi-tasking. I again think to myself "do I really need to work out today?"

5:32: I arrive at the gym, rush to the door when I remember that my water bottle is still in my car. (every morning!) I rush back to my car, grab the bottle, then hurry to the front desk to get signed in. Get to class, say hi to all the regulars and rush, again, to get my bike adjusted. Think to myself "why am I always late?" and of course "do I really need to work out today?" (at least I am consistent!)

5:35: Jump on my bike and begin warming up - the thought comes to my mind "why am I doing this? I am way too tired to ride a bike for an hour." Or "do I really need to work out today?" I am STILL fighting the urge to run home and hop back into bed.

5:40: "Will this class never end?"

5:48: "No way am I going to make it to the end of class - can I go home now?"

5:56: "Another hill, are you kidding me?"

6:04: "You want me to increase my tension again?! *&%^#!!"

6:18: "If I turn my head to the left and casually look like I am stretching my neck, I can check out the clock and see how long I have left and no one will notice."

6:18 1/2: "Instructor saw me look at the clock - has an evil smile on his face. NOT GOOD."

6:24: "My legs feel like jello and my butt is asleep- can I stop now?"

6:28: Ahhhhh... stretching, my fav part. That is until our instructor decides to introduce a move that has me standing on one leg, while my other leg is stretched out behind me and my arms are twisted above my head in a strange sort of ballet/swan move. I fall flat on my ass.

6:30: "That was fun... let's do it again!"

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ChoosingJoy said...

Wow! You are amazing! I am totally impressed with your morning schedule and even more impressed that you actually do it day after day after day! Good for you!