Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life never fails to surprise me...

Just a quick update on life and what I've been doing. It's been busy, fun and challenging!

  • My final week at work was last week. I have a total peace about where my life is at and where it could potentially be going, and what an amazing feeling it is. 
  • I found out when my Aha Moment will be airing on national tv beginning in March! I was pretty excited to see what shows I will be airing during - there are some big ones in there! Here is the schedule, if you want to check it out yourself (I don't have specific times, just the tv show it is airing during)
Tuesday, March 9 - Biggest Loser
Wednesday, March 17 - Old Christine
Tuesday, April 13 - Dancing with the Stars
Monday, May 3 - Castle
Sunday, May 9 - 60 Minutes
Wednesday, May 12 - Extreme Home Makeover
Friday, May 28 - Ghost Whisperer
Monday, June 7 - Castle
Tuesday, June 15 - 20/20
Wednesday, June 16 - Old Christine
Friday, July 16 - Ghost Whisperer
  • My tattoo turned out great (despite hurting like hell)! Here's a comparison of the pic and the actual tattoo:

The artist did an awesome job! Love it, so glad I got it.

Lots of other stuff happening, but I've got to run. I'll update you on my crazy training schedule next time.

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