Thursday, July 16, 2009

camping/outdoor 'tips' and interesting tidbits...

Our local paper, the Gazette, totally rocks when it comes to any type of outdoor reporting. I just found this gem on their website - good info with a touch of 'the funny.' Below is a paragraph from the article - I am going to tell all my guy friends about this. Then I'm going to make sure my mom reads it - maybe she'll worry more about my brother than me :-)


This tiny tangle of DNA that separates the men from the women is the most dangerous thing in the backcountry. It makes the hairier gender do really dumb things, such as climb mountains in thunderstorms, ski avalanche-prone slopes, and say things like, “Get a picture of me trying to ride this mountain goat.” Statistically, having the Y chromosome makes men three times more likely than women to be injured in the outdoors, and eight times more likely to be killed, according to a study by the Colorado Department of Public Health. Just to round things out, guys are also five times more likely to be killed biking, seven times more likely to be killed kayaking and 17 times more likely to be killed by an avalanche. The Y chromosome may also be a factor in Threat No. 2.

Best defense: Listen to your lady friend.

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