Thursday, June 4, 2009

self diagnosing is never a good idea

It all started last month when I began experiencing odd stomach pains. Well, not so much odd as mind numbingly painful. This after having spent the previous months nursing every $#&^% type of injury imaginable. The stomach pains were an unwelcome guest, kind of like if one of my scary relatives decided to visit.

After some research of my own and talking to my Dr, 'we' (read: I) were pretty sure it was gallbladder. Took all the tests and guess what? They all came back negative. My very reasonable Dr. decided that another option would be an ulcer. Seems rational, right? I didn't see it that way. Me and my very respectable degree from said it had to be gallbladder, why didn't everyone else see this??

The Dr. gave me free samples of some meds and I reluctantly started taking them, all along thinking that this will not work... of course it won't work... no way am I wrong.

A couple of weeks later and I felt like a new person. Anyone else would realize that was a good thing, right? Sure (Have I mentioned that I have a Welsh background? And that the Welsh, and in particular my family, are known for being stubborn?) That whole stubborn thing was in particularly good form and I decided that I didn't need to take the meds anymore - I just knew it was my gallbladder!

Fast forward to today. After spending the afternoon writhing in pain on the floor of my office, I am now ready to relinquish my oh so distinguished med degree and admit I was... ahem... wrong. I am back on the meds and nursing my pains... and ego.

So, that's been my week. How has yours been?


Katsura said...

You stubborn? no way...

Mini Me said...

Spoken like a friend who knows me well :-)