Monday, May 18, 2009

Sugar is Evil

I found this blog last night, all about one woman's journey to spend a year without sugar ( and it got me thinking about the past few years and my journey to better health. Of all the food that I have the hardest time with, it's always been sugar. The first year of my weight loss I ate NO sugar, not a drop. As a result, I could no longer claim the prize of "moody girl." It really did help in not just my moods, but my energy levels and overall health. I felt amazing!

Sadly, I introduced sugar back into my diet last year and it has been a slow decline since then. My moods are back, I'm having stomach problems (I credit it with causing some of my gallbladder problems lately) and of course, I've gained weight. I'm just now beginning to realize how addicting sugar is. The question is, how do I deal with it?

I've been debating different ideas, which mostly involves cutting sugar either drastically out of my diet or completely. The whole "completely" idea freaks me out a bit - I LOVE chocolate and the thought of not eating it sends me into panic mode! But then I remind myself of how good I felt that 'sugarless' year and that gives me motivation to make those changes.

Will I completely shut out sugar? I don't know, it seems awfully drastic. But I do need to make some changes, I'm tired of how I have been feeling and reading this ladies blog has been an inspiration.

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