Friday, June 19, 2009

A New Goal

I've heard about 24 hour mtb races - one of my friends from adventure race camp has run quite a few, winning most of them (what else can you expect from a bad ass like Jari - she beats all the guys too!). But the thought of actually doing one of these races? Last week = 0 probability. This week = absolutely possible!

The 24 Hour ERock MTB Race is what changed my mind. I found out that the race course is a trail I ride all the time, and one I can do REALLY WELL!!! And then I found out they allow teams to race and I thought "that means I will only have to ride every few hours!!" On top of that, the race isn't until next June - I have 11 months to train! My mind has been working overtime with the realization that I could actually do this, a 24 hour bike race. And you know what happens when I put my mind to something? I don't give up too easily.

I've already convinced two people to join my team (my brother and a friend, who, by the way, thinks I'm crazy but will never admit he likes that about me). Just need to find one more person and we are all set!

I am now obsessed with thoughts of a race that is almost a year away.

It could be a long year.

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