Thursday, March 13, 2008

One More Day!!

I'm in the midst of packing all the junk I'll be taking with me to Moab - you would think I was going to be gone for weeks with all the bags I am taking! I've got 2 bags of shoes, 2 BAGS!! The funny thing is, none of them are dressy, cute shoes. I've got my hiking boots, my trail runners, running shoes, water shoes, biking shoes and regular tennis shoes. Just for kicks I might throw in a pair of heels just to be able to say that I'm a girl.

I leave later this morning, I'm hoping that I will miss the snow that is suppose to be heading into the mountains this afternoon. I plan on staying in Rifle with some friends tonight, then heading to Moab first thing in the morning. Camp starts that morning (Friday) at the bright and early hour of 7:30. It's going to be a packed schedule, here's what I am told is planned:

Friday, 7:30 am: Mountain Biking day - head out to Slick Rock Trail and spend the day learning how to ride. Believe me, I will need it! I haven't rode a bike for over 20 years and I have a feeling this day will be challenging.

Friday, 4:00 pm: First aid clinic and swimming certification

Friday, 10 pm: collapse in my bed after having spent the evening in the hot tub

Saturday, 9 am: Kayaking the Colorado River all day. I am really looking forward to this day, I love water sports!

Saturday, 4 pm: navigation and orienteering seminars - I get to learn how to figure out where I am when I get lost in the mountains. That might be a good skill to have.

Saturday, 6 pm: This will be dinner and a seminar/Q&A with one of the top Adventure Racing teams out there, Team Salomon/Crested Butte. Can't wait to meet these guys!

Sunday, 9 am: Ropes day - I admit, this day has me a little nervous. It will involve rappeling, rock climbing and Tyrolean Traverse. It also means I will be on very high rocks with little to stop a potential fall. Did I mention I have a big ole' fear of heights??

Sunday, 3 pm: DONE!!! By this time I will be feeling either exhilarated from completing the camp, or so exhausted that I can't walk. I'm thinking the later might be a better possibility.

I am staying a couple of extra days to do some 4 wheeling with some friends - the Jeep Safari is taking place that week and so we will be hitting a trail in a motorized vehicle. That should be a nice change.

My plan is to do updates each night, so check back often for pics and other crazy stuff.

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