Friday, March 14, 2008

My first day!

I made it! I got to Moab at 7:45 this morning, got checked in and then headed up to Slick Rock Trail with about 60+ crazy people like me. To give you an idea of how the day went...

Notice the blood? I had a huge gash on my hand from a fall (one of many) and I STILL can't get the darn thing to stop bleeding, 7 hours later. I 've also got bruises all over, bloody legs from getting tangled in the bike peddles, a massively bruised hip and various other ailments. As someone said "you aren't trying hard enough if you don't come back with bruises and blood." Apparently I tried really, really hard. Despite all that, I loved it! It was a blast and now I get to add another "must have" to my shopping list - a mountain bike!

I was in the beginner group and had the absolutely best, most wonderful instructor in the world! (see pic on left) Her name is Jari Kirkland and is one of the top Adventure Racers in the country; so good that she makes her living doing it. She had infinite patience with me and the other 2 beginners that were with us and made this day just wonderful!

The beginner group began at the Fins n Things trail, which is suppose to be a little bit easier than the Slick Rock Trail. The guide book says this about it... "Like Slickrock, this is a trail for conditioned, skilled riders with intermediate to advanced technical skills. "

Notice the skilled riders with intermediate to advanced technical skills line? That is most definitely not me. (pic below is of the trail) When I first got on the bike I looked like a 5 year old just learning how to ride - I was wobbling all over the place, could not follow a straight line for the life of me and had the hardest time just getting on the dang thing! As the day progressed I got a little less wobbly and began to try more difficult sections.

All in all I would say the day was a success and a great start to my first taste of adventure racing. I would report more but I am exhausted and need to head to bed, we start bright and early tomorrow morning and I need to get some sleep.

If you want to see more pics, go here: Mountain Biking

Now it's on to the ropes clinic (which is a change - kayaking will take place on Sunday instead) - let's hope my fear of heights doesn't hinder me too much.

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