Friday, March 21, 2008

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go....

I know, corny title, but I'm tired and nothing else came to mind so there it is. It was hard getting back to work and school and just the everyday grind of life after my fun, long weekend. I'm also in the process of moving and just have to say that living in one place for a long time is not always a good thing - I have collected way too much junk! Geesh, where did all this stuff come from???

The above pic is from my hike at Arches National Park to the Delicate Arch - beautiful hike that I squeezed in before heading back to Denver. I went with a fellow AR camp attender David who had also stayed in Moab for a couple of days after camp - it was a nice ending to a great weekend. We also did a short hike among some of the rock formations (below) that was just gorgeous - fun time!

My workouts have been rather intense since I returned from Moab - I have a whole new motivation that I didn't have before and am trying to push myself harder. Mental toughness is always my problem - most of the time my body can do it, but my mind isn't always so sure. I'm working on that and hoping I can begin to build the confidence and toughness that goes with racing.

My dear and wonderful brother (Hi Steve!) has offered to let me use one of his mountain bikes, yeah!! I'll be heading down to Texas soon to pick it up and hopefully hit a trail or two when I'm there - I would love to go out with someone as experienced as him. On top of that he has agreed to do a race with me!! He's strong in biking, I'm strong on trekking and between the two of us I think we could do pretty well. He's pretty competitive, I'm only so-so competitive so I'm hoping his competitive streak will rub off on me. Mom has even said she would be there for support, so it could be a fun time for the whole family!

Now, if I can just get Bill to step up and do the Bolder Boulder with all of us, I would be happy (hehe - I thought I would try another route to get you motivated my friend)

It looks like I will be spending Easter Sunday climbing Mt Elbert - my first winter ascent, (or spring, if you want to get all technical about it). I have wanted to do Elbert for a long time and was going to make it my first summer 14er this year, but this chance came up and I don't want to pass it up. Let's just hope the weather holds up - it's suppose to be 20 with some wind but that's it - pretty decent considering what a rough winter it has been. I'll try to post pictures of the climb, as long as my camera doesn't freeze!

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