Wednesday, November 30, 2011

peace at the beach...

I'm a mountain girl at heart - growing up in Colorado seems to make that a given. I love nothing more than hitting a trail at the break of dawn, with each step bringing my closer to discovering a hidden jewel of a place. There is something special about each of those places; it's as if I was the one to discover them for the very first time.

But my love of the mountains has always had some competition... the ocean. I love it; love the smell, the sounds, the power of the crashing waves, the soothing affect it has on me. When I imagine the perfect vacation I see myself at a bungalow by the ocean, with a huge deck that wraps around the house and allows me to sit outside and take in every site and sound around me.

I saw this video and immediately felt a connection - it captures how I feel about the ocean so much better than any words I could write. Which means no more writing for me, check out this awesome video. (which has also inspired me to add another item to my bucket list :-)


Anonymous said...

Very inspiring and creative. This made me want to get back in touch with my roots; with nature.

Thank you.

Mini Me said...

Thanks anon, my best times have been outside, experiencing the outdoors. It's the way I reboot :-)