Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Major Funk

I knew this would probably happen.

My spring/summer was amazing - I attended my first adventure race camp and learned how to mountain bike, rappel and white water kayak; I raced 4 adventure races, from 4-12 hours long; I ran my first running race, a 5 miler in the Garden of the Gods; I attempted to climb 3 fourteeners (I AM going back to climb those next year); rode 100's of miles of mountain bike trails that, most of the time, scared me to death; I climbed numerous sand dunes and had sand in places I never imagined; I camped and climbed and trained and laughed and spent wonderful hours with amazing people who have enriched my life and become dear friends; and I've seen places and scenery that would make anyone stand in awe at this amazing world we live in.

So it makes sense that, after such an amazing 6 months, I would feel a little lethargic and out of whack. Life has slowed considerably - no more races for me to train for, no more quick weekend camping trips, and so on. And while part of me is welcoming the slower pace, I'm also having a hard time adjusting to the change. And because of that, my schedule and usual discipline is all out of whack.

One thing I have discovered about me (well, more the "new me") is that I love warm weather (I hated it when I was big). We went for a ride last weekend in 30 degree weather and during that ride I made the big realization that I'm going to miss the warmth of summer and the longer days that allowed me to hike, ride and just enjoy being outside late into the day. The thought of moving to California kept crossing my mind during the ride, especially when I couldn't feel my all too numb fingers and toes. Miserable!

All this to say that I have been in a major funk the past few weeks and I am having a hard time getting past it. Today though I finally had enough and decided that since this mood wasn't going anywhere on it's on, I was going to help it move on to it's next victim. And I have a plan that I am going to post here and hope that by doing so it will help me stick with it.

Starting Monday I am going to get back to my morning workout schedule. I've been sleeping in and saying I would workout in the evenings, but it never happens. I just prefer to do it in the mornings, so I plan on working out every morning 6 days a week. Monday and Wednesday will be spinning class; Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will be running; I'll do 2 days of weight training and take a yoga class somewhere in there; and that leaves one day to do whatever I want, most likely bike or snowshoe or rock climb or whatever else might catch my fancy or work with the weather.

Along those same lines, I'm going to work on getting my asthma under control. Running is the main culprit, even with my medicine I have a hard time breathing when I run. But I really miss running and once my insurance kicks in (DECEMBER!!) I'll be working with my Dr. to get it under better control. I think this will help me all around - part of my slowness is the fear of having an attack if I push too hard. Need to work on that.

I also need to get back to eating much better. I've been letting old habits creep back into my life and I can tell a difference in how I feel. So, I'm going to start to log what I eat every day and make sure I eat good foods each day. The big thing... CUT BACK ON SUGAR!! This is a big problem area for me and I really need to watch this more than anything else. I'm really striving to have more balance in my life and this area is a particularly difficult one to maintain.

So, there it is... my plan. Not exactly life shatteringly original but if it works then that's all that matters. Here's to 6 months of a 'regular schedule.'


ChoosingJoy said...

Good for you!!! I will be praying for you to stick to your plan even when you don't feel like it....and maybe I will get on a similar plan with you...maybe not the running but just moving and eating right would be a good start for me!!!

Maida said...

Hey! After the fall series, I am considering a half or full marathon in Las Vegas in the spring. This is my 3rd year of the Fall Series, and I have never run any of the Winter Series, though now I'm a member so I might give it a try. The distances are longer, so I don't know if it's the best series to "get back into things" after not running.
You've had quite a season - I'm envious of all you accomplished.
I run M/W/F around 8:25 AM at Santa Fe/Ute Valley/GOG if you are ever interested in meeting up for a run. :)

Mini Me said...

I just might take you up on the offer to run - I'm just excited to get back out there, I'm already having fun! I'll email you ahead of time if I can make it.

I'm actually going to do the short distances for the winter series - I'm hoping to be ready by January for the 5k - I've lost a little bit but I'm finding out that it's coming back pretty fast.

A marathon - wow, that's amazing! I thought about doing a 1/2 marathon in November but I got so wrapped up in my biking that I just didn't have time. Maybe next year? good luck with training, I'm impressed!