Friday, April 25, 2008

A Quick Update

I know, it's been a while... missed me?

Life has been a little wacky lately - I've been trying to get caught up after a couple of long weekend trips and have been feeling a little overwhelmed and tired. I did run my first adventure race last weekend (what fun! But more on that later, I promise), and I am trying to finish out this semester by actually studying (such a novel idea), so life is getting in the way of my blogging.

One little glitch that happened this week - I was diagnosed with asthma. Not a super severe case but enough that it does slow me down considerably when I workout. I have been noticing problems with my breathing for a year now but in the past few months it has progressed quite a bit. Then during my race this weekend I was having lots of problems breathing and continued to have problems after the race. That's when I decided to get it checked - the doctor said "yes, it's asthma" then sent me home with over $300 (after insurance) worth of prescriptions that I need to take daily. I can already see a difference and hope I can get this under better control for my next race. Asthma kind of runs in the family so it isn't a surprise but I wish I had been the one family member that wasn't affected.

I promise I will write an update this weekend on my race (pics and all!). It was a great experience and now I can honestly say that I fulfilled my big goal, to run an Adventure Race!!

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